It is important to know where what you eat comes from.

Mozzarella is produced from the milk of our buffaloes bred in Torcino in an oasis of peace where nature still has the upper hand over man.

Dairy Punto Vitale

Dairy Punto Vitale

Dedicated to the processing of buffalo milk, the Punto Vitale company is located in Presenzano, in the province of Caserta. Punto Vitale mozzarella is made using only milk from Agricola Vitale, the buffalo livestock farm located in what was "the Royal Estate of Torcino" hamlet of Ciorlano, in the upper region of Caserta province on the border with Molise.

Cattle farm Vitale

Cattle farm Vitale

The Vital Agricultural livestock is at the forefront, which currently raises about 1400 heads bufalini, paying particular attention to quality, hygiene and animal welfare. As part of its Vital Agricultural sector stands for technology, organization and passion for their work. Not surprisingly, the company has been chosen, among many others, from institutions and Media who wanted to devote their attention to the corporate sector excellence bufalino.


Mozzarella is produced from the milk of our buffaloes.


The bar, decorated in minimal-chic style, welcomes our customers with the politeness that has always distinguished us.

Food and drink

Whether it is for business purposes or for a well-deserved moment of relaxation, you will find food and drinks "to be enjoyed" in Punto Vitale.

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