Zootechnical Farm

Agricola Vitale: everything begins with animals nutrition.

Agricola Vitale feeds their own buffalos with NO-OGM food which comes directly from their own acreage. The usable agricultural surface is approximately 200 ha.

The cultivation conducted are forage’ crops, silage, triticale, Italian ryegrass and Alfaalfa (typical Italian grass). Agronomic operations are employed in order to respect the environment and the current regulations: crop rotation are effectuated, acreage are bedded out, composts are disposed of in order to prevent the impoverishment of the acreage. Our products are constantly analyzed in order to estimate nutritional standards and in order to verify product healthiness which will feed buffalos.

Agricola Vitale, in addition to preserve animals wellness, wants to protect consumers, and guarantee a healthy and natural final product. For years, in addition daily procedures, provided by low 852/04, analysis are carried out on milk and forage in order to verify Aflatoxic default, deoxynivalenol, lister bacteria and Aflatoxic M1.